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I am in the process of building out this website with articles, podcast, and videos. The cost of hosting and paying people part time to help build out this site add up quickly. If you see value in what I am doing here, please consider investing in this. I want people to get the truth from a Biblical perspective. Time is short. My social media accounts are being suppressed by those who don’t agree with our opinions on what is going on in these last days. God bless you for any support you give. I thank you for your prayers, sharing the content with others, and investing in what I am doing here. If enough people invest in SMHP & Saved Sober Awake, I can add a secure chat area and other great features to this website. I will continue to add content to my social media channels like Shaking My Head Productions on YouTube for as long as I can. God bless everyone and their families. I love you all! Jesus Saves! Follow Him!


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