Charisma Highlights: Prophecy: The Lord Says, ‘Do Not Be Distracted by the Shaking’

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Recently God spoke to me: “The nations are entering a period of intense shaking. Economies, societies, governments and institutions will all shake. Do not be distracted by the shaking, for in the midst of the shaking there is an awakening.

“Many of My people will grab hold of their destinies and declare My purposes for their lives. They will speak to the chains that shackle them and say, ‘You will be no longer. I am here to run to the front lines. I will not be shackled and I will not be muzzled.’“

Awaken! Let’s Change History!

In the modern church, many respond to shaking with fear and start declaring that the end is near. In the early church, believers responded to shaking with faith and declared radical new beginnings. Individuals, cities and nations were transformed. It’s time to change history and not walk in fear.

One of the wars in the year ahead is over digging new wells. Therefore, our focus for prophetic empowerment is preparing to dig! In the Word of God, a well can refer to a spring, a fountain (a living fountain fed by a spring) and also a pit or prison.

There is great power in coming together, particularly when we celebrate first fruits and honor the Lord with the first of our time and increase! When we choose to gather and seek Him first at the beginning of each month, we receive the Lord’s anointing on our “whole lump.”

The month of Cheshvan is reserved for the anointing, so this is a “key time” to assemble and receive the prophetic revelation that will enable us to move from blessing to blessing, until blessings overtake us.

I’ve never been a member of Pastor Ed Russo’s church in Wesley Chapel, Florida, but I’ve watched his ministry for years, and he has become a trusted mentor. While I was visiting him this week, my appreciation for him grew as I observed how New Life Church is thriving.

I feel the same way about David Cannistraci in California; Chad Everett in Illinois; Jeff Dail in North Carolina; Quentin Beard in South Dakota; Leon Bell and R.J. Wynn in Alabama; Chris Palmer in Tennessee; Chris Maxwell in Georgia; Roque Santiago in Pennsylvania; Luis Roig in Puerto Rico; and Grant Foster, Kent Davis and Antione Ashley in Florida.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, and I’ve been reminded how much richer my life is because of the pastors who have inspired, encouraged and challenged me. I can’t name them all!

I will never forget what God spoke to me when my life was hanging in the balance 19 years ago with a blood clot in the artery of my heart.

“Son, if the enemy can attack you, I can outdo him.”

I know that I’m being attacked by healing now and that healing runs in my family, because of those stripes across His back. Never fear the sickness or disease that ran in your parents and grandparents lives. As a believer, royal blood rushes through your veins and has taken care of that.

“There is a shift coming to America.” Those were the words God spoke to me after almost 100% of conference attendees spontaneously flooded to the altar in a meeting where I was speaking.

“What just happened God? I asked, stunned.

“There is a shift coming to the body of Christ. There is a shift coming to America and a shift to the world. I am repositioning My people for revival,” He stated.

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