35 Million Christian Youths Will Leave Christianity by 2050, New Report Predicts

35 Million Christian Youths Will Leave Christianity by 2050, New Report Predicts

A new report shows that some 35 million youths raised in Christian families will leave Christianity by the year 2050.

According to the Christian Post, Greg Stier – founder of the youth ministry Dare 2 Share – says the report, called “The Great Opportunity,” is a chance for Christians to “flip the switch.”

“How about not just slowing down the bleeding, what if there was a revival that flipped those stats?” he said. “That is what we are praying for. How do we flip the switch?”

He says to do so churches may need to rethink youth ministry.

“Youth ministry needs to be re-engineered to be Gospel-advancing and disciple-multiplying,” he said. “It is not about meetings but about the mission. Young people are longing for a cause that matters. So they need to be equipped and youth leaders need to be equipped to equip them.”

“There is nothing wrong with games and all that stuff, but they (youth groups) need to take it serious about the mission that God has put before us. I think we have to have a higher standard for youth ministry than fun, games, pizza and a 10-minute lesson.”

Dare 2 Share will host its third annual Dare 2 Share Live revival event on Oct. 12. The simulcast will be broadcast in more than 100 cities worldwide.

“Each of the cities’ youth groups come together and they’re equipped to share the Gospel,” Stier said.

“It is not going to be one ministry that turns the tide but we are hoping that Dare 2 Share Live provides the sizzle. It will be 100-plus cities from Anchorage, Alaska, to Puerto Rico where students will be simultaneously trained in a single day. The kids we’ll be sending out will have thousands of Gospel conversations happening across the nation.”

The Pinetops Foundation and The Veritas Forum published “The Great Opportunity” report. It included data from Pew Research, Baylor research, and surveys from the Public Religion Institute and Gallup.

Photo courtesy: Pexels/Pedro Sandrini

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