Christian Mingle Review – Forbes Health

“We recently conducted research that shows us approximately 30% of online daters are open to faith-based online dating,” says Eichmann. “While religion plays an important factor in the dating game for many people, Christian Mingle brings a convenient way for Christian singles to meet, interact and find love,” he adds.

“Christian Mingle is a unique dating site that brings together men and women looking for a God-centered relationship. Noticeably, the profiles are filled with information on the person’s faith, upbringing and interests, making it easy to pick the one you’re most compatible with,” explains Dr. Rachel Sommer, a clinical sexologist.

“I do recommend Christian Mingle to my clients. The 2001 outfit has grown over the years to even include people in the LGBTQ community. It might be slow and relatively expensive compared to other dating sites, but it pools people of the same faith together, making it easier to get a soulmate with whom you share a lot,” she says.

“Many of my Christian clients who have used the app have noticed that while it is marketed towards Christian singles, it’s not necessarily limited to Christian singles. Anyone can use Christian Mingle, making it the same as any other app with a filter option that lets them choose “Christian” as a preferred religious background,” explains Christie Kederian, PsyD., psychotherapist and relationship expert.

“I usually encourage my Christian clients to try it as a potential option, but not limit themselves to this app and also make sure they read between the lines of what someone actually writes on their profile to determine if the person expresses and practices their faith the same way that they do,” says Dr. Kederian.