Ex Lady Gaga Fan Staten Harry Rebrands to Promote Christianity Instead – Out Magazine

Staten Harry, Lady Gaga

July 19 2022 11:12 AM EDT

Put your Psalms up.

Staten Harry went viral for his adorable videos as a young kid lip-syncing to Lady Gaga. However, he has now shared newer videos reading the Bible and promoting Christianity, making it clear that he’s no longer a supporter of Mother Monster.

Harry wrote below one of his recent videos:

“March 28th used to be a VERY demonic day for me because it’s Lady Gaga’s birthday… a day I used to worship her and exalt her on so crazy much (well everyday really but especially this day) so anyways just a little testimony of HOW GOOD GOD is and how now on March 28th I’m glorifying HIM not a mere celebrity. I legit had thousands of pictures of her on my phone. Pictures even on my wall. My clothes. My phone’s wallpaper. My entire social media accounts were even based upon worshiping her. Wow….Thank you LORD for saving me. Amen.”

Harry’s most famous video was a lip sync to “Alejandro,” where Harry commanded his viewers to “keep those paws up.”

All of Harry’s videos lip syncing to Gaga have since been erased from YouTube, but they’ve been re-shared by other users. The re-posted version of Harry’s “Alejandro” lip sync has nearly 900,000 views.

Nonetheless, Harry doesn’t seem to keep an active YouTube channel any longer, and even his newer videos promoting Christianity have been seemingly erased from the platform.

It appears that Harry is following in the footsteps of Anthony Quintal, formerly known on social media as Lohanthony, who abandoned his YouTube channel and internet persona to become an advocate for “Christian celibacy” – a similar ideology and practice to conversion therapy.

In the most Biblical sense, we are beyond repentance for Gaga. Alas, it seems like Harry has a different idea for himself.