Family Research Council again claims Pete Buttigieg does not practice “biblical Christianity”

DAVID CLOSSON (FRC DIRECTOR OF CHRISTIAN ETHICS AND BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW): But real quick, just the point of this is what’s really dangerous with what Pete is doing, he’s not just mistaken about what the Bible says. He’s actually twisting God’s word to advance a political agenda that is antithetical to biblical Christianity.

TONY PERKINS (HOST): They’re not the party of science when it’s inconvenient, when it comes to biology and gender and life. But that’s not where he stops. I mean, he goes even further. In fact, he attacks Christians as being hypocritical for supporting Trump in this interview with Rolling Stone. He says, quote, “I think it does run the risk of generationally harming the credibility of Christianity in our country because if people who are avowedly Christian can get themselves into bed with a president like this, it raises the question of what ethical context — or content — at all Christians — Christianity even has.”

I mean, of course, I would come back and say, “Well, what about supporting a man who gets in bed with another man?” I think that’s really the issue here when you talk about biblical Christianity. The Bible speaks very clearly about the issue of homosexuality, and to — I just, it’s amazing to me that he would so use Scripture when he is in a — openly in a lifestyle that is contrary to the teaching of both the Old and the New Testaments.

CLOSSON: The irony of Mayor Pete Buttigieg lecturing Christians on the ethical content of Christianity when, like you just said, this is a man who is married to another man, again, when Scripture is just super clear. 

And yet he’s, he dares to use Christian teaching to try to advance this radical left-wing agenda. It’s not just ironic. I find this — it’s sinister to twist God’s word to advance a radical left-wing anti-biblical agenda.

We need to look at the Bible. What does the Bible say about these issues? And that’s why I really am nervous about Pete’s candidacy in one sense. I’m not nervous, in a sense, but I’m afraid it’s going to send the wrong message to Christians because, again, he’s claiming divine warrant for his positions that are actually not just even a slight misreading of Scripture, it’s the exact opposite of what Scripture teaches.

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