Interpreting Prophetic Revelation (Prophecy)

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   Here is the Zoom link to November 11th “Gift of prophecy prophetic training” called “Interpreting Prophecy”  followed by some tidbits below that we covered during the session. You can also view this and other recorded sessions by going to the Gift of Prophecy FB page at

Part 1: There are three components to prophecy as follows.

      1Revelation – that which God reveals to a person. Revelation in its basic form is simply information. It does not contain any guidance, wisdom or direction. It is at this level that many will apply the interpretation without the guidance/ understanding of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Interpretation- As Joseph said, “Does not interpretations belong to the Lord” (Genesis 40:8)? Prophecy requires that we humbly ask, “Is this from you Lord (Test the spirit)? “If so, what does this mean?” What is your heart revealing to me about this?”
  1. Application- Once we have the understanding we inquire further: “How do I apply this (wisdom) and how shall I respond (Ha. 2:2)? What is the timing and, where is this prophetic word being directed” (Is. 55:8-10) Is this for intercession or is it being directed elsewhere?  

Part 2: Responding to prophecy

  When I receive a prophetic word, I will verbally make the decree what God has said to me (Psalms 2:7).  In doing so I am affirming a) The source of the prophecy and b.) Giving notice by releasing it into the atmosphere (spiritual force) and (c) Affirming before the Lord, that which I have received and believe. 

   I will also write down the prophecy in my prophetic journal. Often, I will take this to someone that I trust for further clarification and understanding. Someone who knows me that will walk with me through the process as we navigate on the path to its fulfillment.

   Also, by writing it down, I will often receive further clarification from the Holy Spirit.  Periodically I will rehearse the prophecy and, by doing so as Paul said to Timothy, “Might war a good warfare” as well as to “Stir up the gift up the gift of God that is within you” (1 Timothy 1:8 and 2nd Timothy 1:6) .

Part 3: Next Session – Interpreting numbers and be prepared to share

    During the next session, we are going to look at interpreting numbers as well as symbols.

    Also, your assignment for the next session is to bring a short (max 5 sentences) prophetic word given to you and be prepared to share it. We are going to activate the prophecy you have received.  Our next session is December 16th 10:00 am Eastern time.

 In His heart and love – Roy Roden

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