Letter to the Editor: Understanding political polarization through Christianity

Today’s society is becoming more and more secular as the movement away from a belief in the existence of God and his influence in human affairs accelerates, especially in the halls of government and in the media.

As television’s Dr. Phil frequently asks, “How’s that working out for ya’?”

Indicators like the recent mass shootings, chaos in immigration and international relationships and uncertainties in almost every important aspect of our daily lives show that it is not working out well at all.

Ironically, the very mention of a divine being has become just another hot button which ensures immediate argument and conflict. This is because it is almost always used as a weapon to attack the other side.

The left condemns the right because their principles seem to contract the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, while the right condemns the left because their principles seem to contradict Jesus’ righteousness and condemnation of sin.

Neither of these ideas is completely wrong, but neither is completely right.

There is a better way to approach this question: Think of all humanity as a great circle around a central point, which is God, who draws every human toward him.

As each of us — the points on the circle — approach God at the center, we automatically move closer toward each other. It is simple plane geometry applied to human souls and human existence.

The scriptures tell us “Draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you.” And we will all draw nigher to each other.

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