Pastor seeks $100M to build global media platform to navigate End Times

Rick Wiles, TruNews broadcaster, pastor of Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida. | Screenshot: YouTube

A nondenominational pastor is asking God for $100 million to build a media platform to help guide the public through the End Times until the second coming of Jesus.

In an August 1 episode of his broadcast, called TruNews, Rick Wiles, who pastors Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida, said that God had given him a vision of this global media platform.

“The vision He’s put in my heart, I need $100 million. It is a global vision to build a platform for the body of Christ to get us through to the End when Christ comes back. It’s going to take an enormous amount of money. I don’t know where it’s going to come from. I don’t know who’s going to finance it. But I know that God has unlimited resources, and He is my source and my faith is in Him,” Wiles said.

The Florida pastor previously worked for Christian media companies like Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Earlier this year, Wiles was booted from YouTube for violating the video streaming platform’s community guidelines. In response, he blasted “tech tyrants” and said the move foreshadowed the coming public execution of Christians and conservatives in the streets in the United States.

“I have warned for years that a spirit of Nazism is rising up inside the USA,” he said at the time.

“The new Nazis are here. America is on the verge of a French Revolution-style upheaval during which leftist mobs will seek to execute Christians and conservatives in order to purge American society.”

The TruNews YouTube channel appears to have been restored.

The broadcaster, who is sometimes featured as a guest on The Jim Bakker Show, is known for saying odd things. Earlier this year he explained that the creators of plant-based alternatives to meat are part of a nefarious effort to destroy the planet and are attempting to change human DNA so that human beings will become a “race of soulless creatures” who cannot be born again.

According to his bio, Wiles resigned from TBN in 1998 to pursue full-time ministry and in the years that followed launched what became TruNews. The group’s Facebook page states that it is the “world’s leading news source that reports, analyzes, an comments on global events and trend with a conservative, orthodox Christian worldview.” The outlet is heavily focused on “reporting the countdown to the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

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