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On a recent episode of The Bachelorette, lead Hannah Brown tells suitor and contestant Luke Parker, “I have had sex, and, honestly, Jesus still loves me.” (Jesus was not available for comment.)

Each season has a major turning point. Colton Underwood jumping the fence. Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumping his winner for his runner-up. Ben Higgins telling two women he loves them. And Brown’s signature moment—the thing fans will likely repeat back to her for years to come—seems to be her sex and Jesus declaration.

What she said is unlike anything we’ve ever seen from The Bachelor franchise. In years past, the show has danced around the topic of religion—or lack thereof—which is odd, considering that when picking a spouse in a matter of a few weeks, it’s sure to come up.

So why now? Brown certainly isn’t the first Christian to appear on the show. But she seems to be the first person the show has allowed to have religion as a main character trait on the show. During the first episode, cameras showed Brown praying, “Lord, bring me your goodness and your love… Help me feel worthy. Help me feel smart.”

Steve Carbone, aka Reality Steve, the blogger behind the website that spoils every season of The Bachelor franchise, thinks Brown’s religious background inspired producers to tell a new kind of storyline.

“When you’re 38 seasons and 17 years into a show, you kind of have to present new things that you just never have explored before to keep it fresh,” he says. “And I think when she said that, probably a lightbulb went off and they said, ‘Wow, we can build a major storyline around this.’”

It all seems to be contrived in a way, considering how during a recent episode, Parker—a devout Christian who took Brown to a Sunday School class on his hometown date—and three other men will head into the fantasy suites (where the lead has time with the contestants with no cameras around). Typically, only three men make it to that point in the season. Carbone says he believes this was intentional on the producers’ part.

“(The producers) probably set it up that way and were hoping for some sort of fireworks and they got it,” Carbone says. “I’m sure they had a reason to believe that if we put him fourth and the conversation of sex in the overnight comes up, he’s going to lose it if he finds out about her.”

Brown gave Parker the first impression rose on the first night and during Parker’s hometown date, he took Brown to a Sunday School class. But it seems the two view Christianity slightly different. Brown seems to be more liberal with her faith—choosing to have sex before marriage, and even “fucking in a windmill”—while Parker seems to be more traditional. He explained in his opening package that in college, he chased sex until one day while he was in the shower, he heard God speaking to him. No word on what God said.

Carbone says the only other franchise lead that he can remember with a strong faith is season 17’s Sean Lowe. But the show never mentioned his faith directly. Instead, when Lowe was on Maynard’s Bachelorette season, he told her they shared the same “values.” Audience members would later find out through Lowe’s social media that he is a born-again Christian.

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