The ‘prophets’ who said that Trump would win blame demons

If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed. Deuteronomy 18:22

There will be many Christians disappointed with the likely result of the US presidential election, given the high level of support for President Donald Trump from White Evangelicals (76 per cent) and Catholics (46 per cent), according to the National Exit Poll.

But one group is even more distressed – those who claim to be prophets and who prophesied a Trump victory.

Jeremiah Johnson is author of a number of books on prophecy and host of a TV show. Earlier in the year, he shared a vision about Trump winning (on his Facebook page of 300,000 followers): “And about 100 yards from the finish, he tripped and fell down and he could not get up, the crowd was spitting on him, they were jeering at him, and suddenly, two older women who I knew were baby boomers, somehow made their way through the crowd and supernaturally lifted Donald Trump up and helped him get to the finish.”

“I believe God is calling on Baby Boomers in this nation to take your stand and believe with me that the best is yet to come.”

This prophecy is quoted in a Christian Broadcasting Network story, “Prophets Say They Did Not Get It Wrong: ‘It’s Not Over.” Another is also quoted, Kat Kerr: “The rocks are about to move and Trump will be President no matter what you hear,” Kerr said.

“It will start with a phone call and I can tell you, you will be shocked to see how much exposure comes from that, but Trump will win, He will be President of the United States. He will sit in that office for four more years and God will have His way in this country.”

CBN also records “a chorus of other prophetic voices that believe God told them Trump will win,” including CBN’s Pat Robertson.

“I want to say without question, Trump is going to win the election,” Robertson said during a broadcast of The 700 Club, the network’s flagship program (Pat Robertson is its long-time host).

In an email sent out the day after the election, Jeremiah Johnson wrote: “As many of you know, there has been a chorus of mature and tested prophets in America with a proven track record that have predicted Donald J. Trump would be re-elected President of the United States.”

“I am one of them.

“However, we are now watching news unfold today that is saying otherwise. In fact, I believe Joe Biden will soon prematurely announce that he is the next President of the United States. Chaos will ensue.

“Either a lying spirit has filled the mouths of numerous trusted prophetic voices in America or Donald J. Trump really has won the Presidency and we are witnessing a diabolical and evil plan unfold to steal the Election. I believe with all my heart that the latter is true.

“You read that correctly.

“Donald J. Trump won the 2020 election last night and the chorus of prophets who saw into the future and prophesied it were ACCURATE.

“They should not apologise. In fact, in the coming weeks many of them will be harassed and slandered. It will be nothing more than a Satanic attack to rattle them and challenge the faith of the people of God.”

The election aftermath will be a difficult time for these leaders and their followers.

As sisters and brothers in Christ, they deserve sympathy and prayers from those who – whatever their political views – had not attached such a spiritual load to this political event.

The scale of their turmoil is apparent in this passage from the Johnson email: “You must understand … China, Big Tech including Fox News, and Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are all in on this demonic agenda to steal the 2020 Election from Donald Trump.”

“I cannot even publish this online for fear our ministry will be censored once again. These media outlets are the modern-day false prophets of Baal. They are shouting, mocking, deceiving, and taunting the people of God.”

Another example of how post election “prophecy” continues – prophets Sid Roth and Michael Murillo saying Trump will win – “God has thrown this election into the courts so that corruption will be exposed.”

Prayer rather than mockery is the Christian response to this situation.

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