Thom McCombs: Christianity by love or by law?

Christianity has fallen far in America.

Even after Christian missionaries blessed The Conquest …

Even after Christian preachers hanged witches and defended slavery …

Even after Christian leaders blessed our unjust wars against “godless commies” …

Christianity in America had further to fall.

Rather than setting any high moral tone for America through advancing peace, forgiveness and non-violence (you know, Christian virtues) locally and nationally, American Christianity instead chose power, greed, lust, hatred, violence, misogyny and spite through supporting the presidency of Donald Trump.

Evangelical congregations remain fiercely loyal to this lying, adulterous, murderous celebrity.
They believe The Big Lie (that Trump won and the election was stolen from him) because Christian pastors (by the thousands) told them that Trump was God’s will and Jesus’ favorite to win. Since God/Jesus can’t be wrong, the election results must be!

If ever there was reason to get religion completely out of politics, the Trump presidency and Insurrection provide the compelling example.

American has only become meaner, nastier, more dangerous, divided and downright unhinged from reality as the Trump-Christians cheer louder. They brought their toxic/twisted souls to The Capitol on Jan. 6, to violently overthrow our democracy and establish a Christian state. You know, where men run the family and keep gays on the run, where Jews are few and no Muslims are to be found … Where women are kept barefoot and pregnant, and nobody dares pass out condoms to the poor.

It was a vision worth hanging the Vice-President for, supported by far too many “Christians” — then and now.

There wasn’t a Jew or a Muslim in the mob that stormed the Capitol, everybody who did just loves Jesus.

The Republican Party has now transformed itself into the Party of Trump, becoming enablers and supporters of The Big Lie, purging the few left with any backbone.

I observe a similar loyalty in Fundamentalist/Evangelical America — they remain all-in for their Cheeto-Jesus. They know he is a poster-child for “Lacking Christian Virtues.” They just cast their “Christian principles” aside in exchange for his appointing conservative/Christian judges.

Putting Christian standards (whatever they might be, Jesus preached against neither abortion nor gays) into civil and criminal law is a dream of the failed-Christian. Unable/unwilling to sway the hearts of others through living exemplary lives of Christian virtue, these spiritual losers support laws and politicians that would force “Christian behaviors” onto our society.

Having the police and courts compel Biblical behavior violates the Establishment Clause of our Constitution even as it abandons the validity of grace and forgiveness to redeem the lost. The Archbishop of San Francisco wants to withhold the Sacrament of Communion from President Biden for supporting the platform of his political party (health care for women includes abortion), as if Biden was aborting pregnancies himself! The Archbishop should get back in his lane and purge child molesters from his own clergy. When the SF diocese is free of priestly kid-diddlers (the “log in his own eye”), the Archbishop can lecture to the country about abortion.

Leave our laws alone. Leave our politicians alone.

Clean your own house. Abandon the Culture Wars.

Get out of firearms. Put up your swords. Recant Trumpism and its violence.

Tell The Truth about the election, about the science, and about the history of religion in America.

Being a patsy for Republican politicians in exchange for judges and laws is unworthy of Christianity.

Do Not Seek the force of law because you have failed at the Force of Love.

— Thom McCombs/American Canyon

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