Tribulation Temple on Mount Moriah (An overview of Bible prophecy)

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Nelly Favis Villafuerte

Nelly Favis Villafuerte

In Jerusalem the center of Jewish existence, there is a famous sacred mountain which has long played an important role in Jewish history and in prophetic events.  I am referring to Mount Moriah.  There is a prophecy that the Jewish temple in Israel will be rebuilt during the end times and antichrist will sit in the temple as God. Many people, particularly those who do not believe that the Bible is the Word of God, find this prophecy ridiculous. Others consider this prophecy a myth and a fiction because they say that this prophecy cannot be fulfilled – because a Muslim temple, the Al Aqsa Mosque stands today on Mount Moriah.  Bible-believing Christians, however, say that with God, nothing is impossible.

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          Let me share with you some Biblical and historical references about Mount Moriah:

  • In 1 Chronicles 21-22 and 2 Samuel 24, we see King David of Israel ordering a census of the people. In 1 Chronicles 1, “Satan provoked David to number Israel.”  God was displeased and He sent a pestilence upon Israel.  King David repented and as part of his repentance before the Lord, he purchased a piece of property of Ornan (or Araunah) where King David erected an altar and offered sacrifices.  King David paid 600 shekels of gold and an additional 50 shekels of silver for the threshing floor.  On the threshing floor, King David erected an altar and offered sacrifices.  While Ornan was giving the land for free, King David insisted on paying. He said: “I will surely buy it for the full price for I will not take that which is thine for the Lord nor offer burnt offerings without cost.” (1 Chronicles 21:24);
  • King David intended to build a temple to the Lord on the property on Mt. Moriah – but the word of the Lord came to David, saying: “Thou hast shed blood abundantly, and hast made great wars: thou shalt not build a house unto my name, because thou hast shed much blood upon the earth in my sight.” (1 Chronicles 22:8) God chose David’s son Solomon instead to build the temple —  although God allowed David to accumulate the material resources needed to build it.
  • Mount Moriah is the place where God ordered Abraham to offer his son as a sacrifice. In Genesis 22:2, God said to Abraham, “Take now thy son, thy only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and over him there for a burnt offering….”
  • In 2 Chronicles 3:1, we see that in 957 BCE, King Solomon began to build the temple on the threshing floor of Ornan, the property bought by King David. Solomon’s Temple was built within a period of seven years.  This temple replaced the Tabernacle built by Moses in the Sinai Desert;
  • Solomon’s Temple on Mount Moriah — the center of worship for the Kingdom of Judah was later destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians in 587 BC.
  • After the Babylonian exile, King Cyrus of Persia allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem and to rebuild the Temple. This Second Temple was completed in 515 BC.  This Temple was a smaller version of Solomon’s Temple and less magnificent too.  The temple stood for about 500 years;
  • The Third Temple built by King Herod the Great around 20 BCE was known as Herod’s Temple. Herod’s Temple was completed in AD 64.  It was larger and more magnificent than Solomon’s temple.  King Herod the Great wanted to gain the favor of the Jews who were his subjects and at the same time to impress the Roman authorities.  Barely six years after its construction, Herod’s temple was destroyed by Titus and his Roman warriors in AD 70.

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          Indeed, Mount Moriah plays a very prominent role in the prophetic events in Israel.

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          There is a Biblical prophecy that on the site of Mount Moriah there will be built another temple. This temple will be known as the Tribulation Temple because the temple will be built during the tribulation period.

(To be continued)

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