Why many evangelical Christians support President Trump

In a Jan. 8 column, the Rev. J. Mark Worth documented why he and likely many others are puzzled about why many evangelical Christians support President Donald Trump.

First, one must know that an evangelical Christian is a person who is a follower of Jesus, believes in the depravity of man and that Jesus alone provides the way of salvation through his sacrificial death on the cross. The evangelical relies on the Bible for guidance and truth.

Jesus himself plainly stated he is the way, the truth and the life and that nobody comes to God the father except through him. Jesus called this being born again. True inner change only comes through repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ. Evangelical Christians do not excuse sinfulness, in their own lives or in the life of a president; however, they do not expect a person to act like one if he or she isn’t one. The evangelical also humbly realizes, “but for the grace and mercy of God, there go I.”

I have never personally heard Trump claim he is an evangelical Christian, so I don’t expect his speech and demeanor to totally match up like one. However, many of the beliefs and principles Trump holds to match the beliefs and principles evangelical Christians hold to. He campaigned on these principles and so far in his first term, he has delivered. His talk has been accompanied with action. The viewpoints of his political opponents are on the opposite end of the spectrum in both word and in action. Important beliefs and convictions that evangelicals and Trump agree on are as follows:

Evangelical Christians believe in the personhood of unborn babies. Stopping the beating of an unborn heart is wrong. Trump agrees with that and has appointed judges, especially Supreme Court judges who have the same opinion. This is huge.

Evangelicals realize there are poor and needy people that need help, but they also believe the Bible teaches it is best for a citizen to work for a living. Trump’s policies have urged people to get off welfare and his robust economic policies have encouraged and most importantly enabled a record amount of U.S. citizens among all groups to find work.

Evangelicals believe the Bible teaches people are to nurture and protect their families. Trump campaigned that he would protect U.S. citizens by securing U.S. borders and strengthening our military. He has followed through with this like no other president before him.

Trump does not apologize for and in many ways supports the Judeo-Christian values held by many Americans, including evangelical Christians.

Lastly, nearly a third of Worth’s column was dedicated to describing how the magazine Christianity Today recently published a single editorial written by an individual writer stating why Trump should be impeached. This magazine was started many years ago by the late Rev. Billy Graham. His son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, recently stated the magazine has long drifted from its evangelical moorings and that his father would be embarrassed by the direction it has taken.

Hopefully, this helps in shedding light on why Fox News polls show, as Worth noted, the majority of evangelical Christians support Trump.

Mike Marshall is a Christian who lives near Princeton.

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