Baba Vanga 2020 prediction: END OF THE WORLD, Putin assassination, tsunami in the New Year

Baba Vanga’s followers often refer to the mysterious woman as the Balkan Nostradamus due to her supposed prophetic powers. Baba Vanga rose to prominence in the year 2000 when she supposedly predicted the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk.

Baba Vanga predictions for the year 2020

Baba Vanga 2020: Did the ‘Balkan Nostradamus’ predict cataclysm in the year 2020? (Image: GETTY)

Baba Vanga 2020 predictions: End of the world

Baba Vanga 2020: Will the end of the world unfold in the new year? (Image: GETTY)

2020 will see many earthquakes. In particular, Japan and India will see major quakes

Craig Hamilton-Parker,

According to Charlotte Dobre of the InformationOverload YouTube channel, the attempt on Mr Putin’s life will unfold at some date in the future in Europe.

Mr Putin will supposedly be attacked by a member of his own security team.

Although Mr Hamilton-Parker did not foresee any such assassination attempt, he did say President Putin will broker a peace treaty with President Trump.


Baba Vanga 2020 predictions: Vladimir Putin

Baba Vanga 2020: Some believe the mystic foresaw an attempt on Vladimir Putin’s life (Image: GETTY)

Baba Vanga 2020 predictions: Tsunami in Asia

Baba Vanga 2020: Will a cataclysmic tsunami strike Asia in the new year? (Image: GETTY)

Did Baba Vanga predict a cataclysmic tsunami for 2020?

Based on Baba Vanga’s prophecies of the future, a powerful tsunami could strike Asia 16 years after the tragedy of the 2004 tsunami.

The 2004 cataclysm killed more than 220,000 people in SouthEast Asia.

If the blind mystic is proven correct next year, another disastrous wave will sweep through parts of Pakistan, Japan, China, Indonesia.

According to Mr Hamilton-Parker, 2020 will see many environmental disasters unfold all across the world.

He said: “2020 will see many earthquakes. In particular, Japan and India will see major quakes that may cause disruption to the Summer Olympics.

“The USA will also experience earthquakes. Serious volcanic activity on a small island – I cannot identify where. Urgent evacuation.”

Will any of Baba Vanga’s predictions come true?

According to website, Baba Vanga’s prophecies and predictions are pure fiction and nothing more.

The website wrote: “Vanga was illiterate or semi-literate, and she apparently did not write any books herself, with staff members financed by the Bulgarian government capturing what she allegedly said.

Those of Vanga’s predictions quoted seem to all be apocalyptic visions of the future of the world – particularly Europe – and even Mars, where a war will break out in 3005 and change the trajectory of the planet.

“On a more positive note, she predicted that in 2028 mankind will fly to Venus to search for new sources of energy – she must not have seen the toxic and corrosive atmosphere of the planet – and that by 2130 civilisations will live underwater with the help of aliens”

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