Contrary to Woke Culture: Christianity NOT A White Man’s Religion

It’s almost surreal that someone has to write a book about Christianity being a religion for all races for all time, and for women just as much as men. But considering the culture of today of Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, the #MeToo era and a whole host of movements of vilifying Christianity as a tool of White male dominance, Christian apologist (meaning defender of the faith) Abdu Murray felt the need to set the record straight. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Murray, a convert from Islam, talks about his book, “More Than A White Man’s Religion: Why the Gospel Has Never Been Merely White, Male-Centered, or Just Another Religion.” Murray says, “The message itself and the prevailing way in which it’s impacted the world has actually been positive for people of color and women. And so when you look at the pages of scripture and I try to tackle some of the toughest.” Murray also talks about the elephant in the room for many Christians who admired and revered theologian Ravi Zacharias, who died in 2020. After his death it was revealed that he had abused several women. Zacharias founded Ravi Zacharias International Ministry (RZIM) where Murray worked and was one of Zacharias’ closest friends. In fact, much of the sordid details of the abuse came out while Murray wrote the book. He pulls no punches in defending Zacharias but uses it as a learning tool for himself and all of us who become blind to the sins of others in our closest circles, as well as our own.