How to Survive the Upcoming Election, and Other Answers in Prophecy

It Is Written’s new online series is slated to begin on October 9.

Are you worried about the upcoming elections in the U.S. or other countries? How can we make sense of what is coming? Who will determine the future? Who really controls the world?

These are some of the questions that a new series by It Is Written will answer with the Bible. The series, titled Answers in Prophecy, is a new virtual evangelism event from It Is Written, according to the Seventh-day Adventist supporting ministry’s leaders. Starting October 9, It Is Written president John Bradshaw will examine what ancient Bible prophecies say about current world events. 

According to the online event coordinators, each presentation will be livestreamed starting at 7:00 p.m. EDT and then will be available on demand. The 10-presentation series will conclude October 21. Ministry leaders said that those interested can register and watch the series at

“Answers in Prophecy is a great opportunity to reach out to your community,” Bradshaw said. “We’re looking at prophecy in a very user-friendly way. We’re demystifying prophecy and showing how it points to Jesus. People will see how the Bible really makes sense of what’s happening around us. I hope you’ll invite as many people as possible to attend.”

Joseph T. Ikner II of the Central States Conference will host the event. Other presentation topics of the series will deal with questions such as “Are we living at the climax of earth’s history?” They will apply heavenly messages from the Bible to change the listeners’ outlook on life.

  • John Bradshaw and Joseph Ikner during the filming of Answers in Prophecy. [Photo: It Is Written]
  • John Bradshaw and Joseph Ikner on the Answers in Prophecy set. The new series starts on October 9, 2020. [Photo: It Is Written]

It Is Written leaders also reported that those interested in inviting others for the series can use the free promotional resources for this event available at Answers in Prophecy is the first event of ACTS 20:21, a 16-month evangelism initiative for churches in North America. Organizers reported that it includes six evangelistic events, training, a brand new, comprehensive database and outreach management app, soul-winning resources, and direct social media advertising.

“There has never been a better time to be involved in evangelism,” Bradshaw said. “People are asking questions like no other time in recent memory. It is time to reach directly to those in our communities with the gospel message for this time. Churches that partner with It Is Written will receive tools, training, and resources. Our experienced team will provide coaching and assistance, and together we’ll see the Holy Spirit do an incredible work.”

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