The end times is revealed in the book of Revelation

From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Dear Dr. Graham:

Because of the recent troubles of the world people have been taking a closer look at the last book of the Bible — Revelation. Is this mystery yet to be fulfilled?

Dear R.S.: The mystery of the end times is revealed in the book of Revelation. The Bible tells us that the study of this book will bring great blessing to those who read its message about this present world and a new one coming, ushered in by Jesus Christ Himself!

The book of The Revelation is carefully calculated to rebuke our sin, restore our standing before God, and renew hope in each of us. Almighty God is behind creation, He created the planet on which we live, He has created mankind, and that what He has created He loves and has a plan to save. If He didn’t, He wouldn’t be worthy of our praise.

George Ladd years ago wrote: “However fearful or uncontrolled the forces of evil on earth may seem to be, they cannot annul or eclipse the greater fact that behind the scenes God is on His throne governing the universe.” God is in control! That awesome truth penetrates every chapter in the “revelation,” and it can make the difference for anyone who accepts God’s salvation, concerning the end times. It would be a mistake only to see God isolated, high and lifted up on a throne surrounded by thunder and lightning in judgment. What hope would we have in that kind of powerful but impersonal God? But it would be an equally great mistake to see Jesus only as a wonderful man who suffered and died, who gave us an example of what human life should be. Jesus was not just a good man — He is the Son of God — and the Savior of the world.

We can trust our future to God, because He holds it in His hands. It is our personal responsibility to receive His salvation.

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