Letter: We may see end times, but it won’t be due to a prophecy

So, we now have a president and state department running our Mideast policies with an eye to Biblical prophecy? So it seems with President Trump’s odd reversal on our Mideast presence and other terrible decisions with education, etc., etc. A president who needs to shore up his election prospects with End Time voters.

What happened to our Constitutional separation of state and religion? The end of the world may indeed come due to power hungry political leaders, but probably not due to prophesies.

My Bible says do not watch for the second coming. Or course, with end times coming, no need to worry about escalating deficits or need of a livable planet for grandchildren.

A very recent quote from respected Republican General Colin Powell: “The Republican Party needs to ‘get a grip'” and stand up to President Trump.

Very scary times.

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