Letter: Will court give preference to Christianity?

After every football game a coach in Bremerton, Washington runs to the bench and brings out his prayer rug, unfurls it on the field and then kneels down on the rug and prays a Muslim Prayer to Allah.  He is joined by many Black Players from his team and the opposing team in the religious ritual.  People are of course outraged at this violation of the Constitution.

But wait, that isn’t how it happened.  As explained in the New York Times without mentioning the coach’s religion the case is being heard in the Supreme Court and it involves Christian prayers with the coach and members of both competing teams.

It is suspected that the court has in mind favoring Christian religion over all over manifestations of religious belief and establishing Christianity as the Official Religion of the United States. I say this because a favorable ruling on behalf of the coach who engages in taking a knee and praying a Christian prayer constitutes a dramatic change in our historic rejection of establishing one religion over another.

And what about those students who are not religious. What should they do in the pressure to join in the ritual. I see an assault on freedom of religion and from religion being attacked. What do readers think?

— Larry Baumbach, Chico

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