Olatunji Saheed and Toyin Saheed’s newly released “How To Grow Mature In Your Christian Lifestyle” is an eye-opening guide on how to live life with God in control

MEADVILLE, Pa., April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “How To Grow Mature In Your Christian Lifestyle”: a comprehensive read that discusses Christianity’s basic pillars and the tenets of the Christian identity. By laying these down, readers are subsequently ushered into their appropriate application as desired by God. “How To Grow Mature In Your Christian Lifestyle” is the creation of published author Olatunji Saheed and his daughter, Toyin Saheed. Both are Christians passionate about teaching fellow believers to live life fully under the guidance of the Lord.

Olatunji and Toyin share, “Imagine living life knowing that you are doing all your best to do the will of God who is the life giver, ultimate supreme power, the magnificent, and the master of the day of judgment. You have faith in God and believe that God is the one in control of our life and he has the authority over everything. This is what the book is about. Our main goal is to help other Christians grow and mature in their Christian lifestyle and to help others who want to change their lives to be a Christian.

“In the beginning of this book, we discuss Christianity as a religion and who we are as a Christian. What is the sense of our identity in life, which means who we are and what is the sense of our purpose, the reason why we’re here. We mention in the book that God created heaven, earth, ocean, and everything. God himself said that ‘I have shown myself to them through what I created and do for them.’

“Majority of what is written in this book deals directly with the topic of this book. It’s written to let the Christians know more about their duties and responsibilities in life. It covers all things we are dealing with in our everyday life. It also illustrates all the necessary things we need to know to have a successful marriage.

“The book is written to help people know how they can deal with all the principalities of life that causes us problems. Principalities are unclean spirits. One of the most important things we need to know is to how to deal with people. Christians are expected to use their power to do good to people instead of using their power to manipulate others. If you want to be blessed, you have to be ready to serve. When you serve others, you are serving God. Our jobs in life is to make other people’s lives better. Always be a blessing to others is something we should all practice. It is very important to give God his glory because of what God has done for us in our lives. The only way our heart is alive and pumping is because we have a wonderful God.

“Advice was giving to the young people to continue their education, if not they will assassinate their future. Christians are kind, loving people. God himself said that ‘My sheep knows my voice.’ Above all, this book will help you gain knowledge about wisdom you need to grow and mature in your Christian lifestyle and spirituality. Therefore, you need to practice the steps mentioned in this book to successfully better your Christian life.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Olatunji Saheed and Toyin Saheed’s new book is a helpful reference to Christians who wish to expand their understanding of faith and be more apt in its application.

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