Sweden Grants Christian Asylum-seeker Aideen Strandsson Refugee Status

CBN News had learned that Sweden’s Migration Agency decided to grant Aideen Strandsson refugee status and residency in Sweden.

A source said that ‘refugee status’ is a stronger verdict in Aideen’s favor than being granted asylum.

Strandsson came to Sweden from Iran in 2014 on a work visa and adopted a Swedish last name. She left Islam and became a Christian in Iran after seeing a video of Muslims stoning a woman to death and then having a dream about Jesus.

When she arrived in Sweden, she requested a public baptism. Strandsson said, “I wanted to be baptized in public because I want to say, ‘I am free, I am Christian’ and I wanted everyone to know about that.” 

But the Swedish government decided to deport Strandsson back to Iran where she could have faced prison, rape and even death. 

After CBN News first brought the former Iranian actress’s story to the world stage, the government of Hungary offered her asylum, and many people from around the world contacted the Swedish government asking it to reconsider.

Strandsson has been stuck in legal limbo for years, unable to work or leave the country.

She married Swedish pastor Cai Berger on July 10 last year.

Strandsson thanked CBN News for helping to publicize her case. 

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