Drag Queens Sell Christian Effigies at Slave-Style Auction to Promote Planned Parenthood

FILE PHOTO: Bob the Drag Queen celebrates 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village, June 28, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP)

In a recent fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, drag queen performers in Washington state mocked pro-life activists and local Christian pastors by auctioning off cardboard cutouts of their faces, mimicking a slave-style auction. 

The drag queens are reportedly some of the same people who read books to children at the Spokane Public Library for Drag Queen Story Hour. 

Their pro-abortion fundraiser was organized by a group called Spokane United Against Religious Extremism, according to a report by The Activist Mommy.

The cutouts represented the faces of at least six Christian activists and pastors, including Pastors Ken Peters and Afshin Yaghtin, and the founder of 500 Mom Stronger, Anna Bohach. 

Bohach told CBN News that the group displays hatred toward Christianity and has harassed her and her family.

“We are peacefully protesting, but what they are doing is shocking,” Bohach added.

“These Christians demonstrated against Drag Queen Story Hour sexually exploiting and grooming children. They are successfully exposing and calling attention to Planned Parenthood and the American Library Association’s active attempts to expose children to deviant sexual practices and dangerous gender ideology,” Bohach writes in an article for The Activist Mommy

Performers also held up images of Christians who are affiliated with The Church at Planned Parenthood, while lining the stage in their simulated slave auction.

According to Activist Mommy, Planned Parenthood had a table at the event with information about their services. Also, they donated promotional items such as t-shirts, hats, and socks to be placed in the auction baskets. 

Bohach told the Christian Post she was not surprised by the event or Planned Parenthood’s association with the group.

“Christians are the biggest threat to their agendas. We are the only ones standing in their way and telling them: ‘No, you will not abort babies; no, you will not exploit vulnerable women; and now, you will not expose our children to sexual deviancy and gender confusion,” she said. 

“Using effigies and a slave-auction style fundraiser to raise money for an organization whose existence is based upon the extermination of black Americans is in very poor taste. But again, not surprising given drag itself is rooted in the blackface minstrel shows of the last century.” 

As CBN News has reported, Planned Parenthood has specifically targeted minority neighborhoods with its abortion clinics, and the founder of the abortion giant, Margaret Sanger, was racist against black people.

The drag queens’ slave auction of the Christian cardboard cutouts raised $1,865 for Planned Parenthood.

“Both groups dehumanize, exploit, terrorize and commit violence against women. Abortion is violence against women and their babies, and drag is a misogynistic mockery of women,” Bohach concluded.

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