End Times Pastor Irvin Baxter: The Hatred of Trump Is ‘Deeply Inhuman’ and Satanic

On yesterday’s edition of “The Jim Bakker Show,” host Jim Bakker and guest, End Times pastor Irvin Baxter, agreed that opposition to President Donald Trump is driven by Satanic forces.

“Those who hate the cross, they hate Trump,” Bakker said. “There is a spirit of anti-Christ in the world right now.”

“I think it is so critical that people really understand why the hatred,” Baxter agreed. “Why is this?”

“It’s not normal,” Bakker responded.

Irvin said that hatred of Trump is rooted in the fact that “globalists” have been trying to create a one-world government for more than a century and Trump is thwarting their efforts by pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Change agreement, “which was their plan for world government.”

Baxter claimed that the globalists planned to use the Paris accord to implement universal laws “and give everybody a global I.D. by 2030,” until Trump upset their plans.

“He was against their one-world government and this hatred is deeply inhuman,” Baxter added. “It’s satanic. Satan hates it that Trump is messing up his plan. That’s what’s really going on.”

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